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St. Dominic was a spirit-filled man raised up by God to answer the pressing need of the Church for a continuous body of trained preachers. Guided by the Holy Spirit he founded the first apostolic Order, combining the contemplative consecration and apostolic ministry of the twelve apostles and the primitive Church. When Honorius III entrusted to the Order the mission to preach the Word of God, a duty that is primarily episcopal, the Church saw for the first time a religious Order with a mandate as coextensive as herself. By obtaining this universal mission, Dominic threw open the door of preaching to the members of his own Order and eventually to all Orders and priests. - William Hinnebusch, OP, The Dominicans: A Short History.

Dominican Calendar

Dominican Calendar for April
Name Date
St. Vincent Ferrer 5
Bl. Anthony Neyrot 10
Bl. Margaret of Castello 13
Bl. Peter Gonzalez 14
Bl. Clara Gambacorta 17
Bl. Maria Mancini 17
Bl. Isnard of Chiampo 19
Bl. Sibyllina Biscossi 19
St. Agnes of Montepulciano 20
Bl. Osanna of Kotor 27
St. Louis de Montfort 28
St. Catherine of Siena 29
St. Pius V, Pope 30

Domincan Art

Fra Angelico 051.jpg

A famous painter of the Florentine school, born near Castello di Vicchio in the province of Mugello, Tuscany, 1387; died at Rome, 1455. He was christened Guido, and his father's name being Pietro he was known as Guido, or Guidolino, di Pietro, but his full appellation today is that of "Blessed Fra Angelico Giovanni da Fiesole". He and his supposed younger brother, Fra Benedetto da Fiesole, or da Mugello, joined the order of Preachers in 1407, entering the Dominican convent at Fiesole. Giovanni was twenty years old at the time the brothers began their art careers as illustrators of manuscripts, and Fra Benedetto, who had considerable talent as an illuminator and miniaturist, is supposed to have assisted his more celebrated brother in his famous frescoes in the convent of San Marco in Florence. Read more about the life of Fra Angelico or view selections of his artwork in our gallery.

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